A Farewell to Fapiaos

Goodbye Suzhou, Jiangsu, And Jinji and Dushu Lakes. Adios to every single one of my Chinese language mistakes. Goodbye to using tissues as napkins; Goodbye to no napkins at all. Goodbye to taking my own toilet paper to the bathroom stall. Goodbye, freezing at my desk; Good riddance, short-people sinks. Goodbye insufficient heating and tap… Continue reading A Farewell to Fapiaos

Cultural impediments

I often receive questions from current and former students, either by email or through WeChat. Sometimes they’re about something specific at the university, others they’re about a muddy grammatical rule, and still others they’re in pursuit of culturally-specific usages within English. The last kind are my favorite. But regardless of the type of question, I… Continue reading Cultural impediments

For when you gotta go

When was the last time you dried your hands with toilet paper?ย I’m sure it wasn’t your first choice for a just-washed-my-hands-after-using-the-toilet situation, but perhaps it was all you could find in a public restroom. But what if it was the norm? What if paper towels weren’t provided, air dryers weren’t provided, and maybe even toilet… Continue reading For when you gotta go