Our air, ourselves (Part 2: pollution mitigation)

I may have cilia in my nose and a variety of mucus membranes in my body designed to keep intruders out of my lungs, but they are no match for particulate matter.


Stories from the bus 1

I ride the bus in China for a number of reasons: it’s safer than biking or e-biking, I already hate driving, andย taxis are expensive. The bus is incredibly inexpensive. At ยฅ1-2 ($0.14-30) per ride, to go anywhere I want to go, it’s unbeatable value. I have experience with public transportationย in my home country–I tried Pittsburgh’s… Continue reading Stories from the bus 1

The metaphorical eight ball

My students this semester have low-level English skills, and it’s my job to teach them the same material that everyone else is teaching to higher level students. It’s challenging: I have little experience with truly low-level students, and the material I’m teaching is better suited to the higher-level students, but I’m responsible for getting them to meet the same standards as the higher-level students.

I am behind a metaphorical eight ball.