Can’t clear the air

The repercussions of human activity are what will threaten to harm or kill all of us, if we’re not careful, poisoning us alongside a generous landscape that can’t take anymore mining or drilling or particulate matter without reacting in a way that harms us in return because we’re already dealing with so many changes (climate or otherwise) that are undeniably the result of human carelessness and progress for the sake of profit.

Stories from the bus 1

I ride the bus in China for a number of reasons: it’s safer than biking or e-biking, I already hate driving, and taxis are expensive. The bus is incredibly inexpensive. At ¥1-2 ($0.14-30) per ride, to go anywhere I want to go, it’s unbeatable value. I have experience with public transportation in my home country–I tried Pittsburgh’s… Continue reading Stories from the bus 1

Anticipating home

The anticipation of our trip home is palpable. Right now few people are on campus and I haven’t got much to do work-wise with so many people already gone for Chinese New Year. The whole situation has me wishing we could’ve come home earlier or stayed longer. Honestly, I’ve felt homesick only in the past few days, and it’s probably because… Continue reading Anticipating home