The Polished Turd

I was afraid of this, but I wanted to have faith in the options provided… and apparently the school used to hook people up with real estate agents, but that has fallen to the wayside with a larger population. (I’m irritated because I specifically asked about this, but was told that it isn’t necessary. What I didn’t realize was that what would be available would be the equivalent of a room at the Motel 6 after a family of six leaves.

Honestly, it’s disappointing to see the quality of the apartment with which we’ve been provided. From far away it looks okay, but up close, day after day, it’s clearly a polished turd.

One-way ticket

It’s funny (funny peculiar, not funny “haha”) how my days spent languishing in a perpetual pause this summer now feel so far away with the autumn leaves crunching below my feet. “How literary,” I thought yesterday as I hiked on a dirt trail through my favorite local park.