One-way ticket

It’s funny (funny peculiar, not funny “haha”) how my days spent languishing in a perpetual pause this summer now feel so far away with the autumn leaves crunching below my feet. “How literary,” I thought yesterday as I hiked on a dirt trail through my favorite local park.

Shifting focus

But it’s not often we get to say we’re proud of how we’re managing stress. Usually amid said stress we’re not focused on how to manage the stress, but rather how to get rid of the stress. I think that’s the point of failure, really, and I can say this with more certainty now. I’m a living example. My current stress is when I will be moving to China.

I am still here.

Yes, I’m writing from the United States. Yep. Still here. Sigh. The paperwork problems have not abated. I’m now waiting for another mailing from China, at which point I’ll actually be able to get my visa processed and buy airline tickets. My husband A and I keep wondering why we’re still here, why we haven’t been… Continue reading I am still here.