Hitting “reset”

Teaching is done. I was never so happy to have a last day of class as I was last Friday. It felt wrong in some strange way, but I know it’s good for me that I can say goodbye to both of my subpar classes from this semester.

The semester is nearly over. I administer a final exam on Thursday, then I’ll grade my portion of the exams, then it’s onward (and hopefully upward).

I slept for about 14 hours between Friday and Saturday. It seemed to reset my mood as much as reenergize me. Losing the stress of preparing lessons no one cares about has changed my life for the better already.

I’m looking forward to hitting reset in a bigger way this summer since, for the first timeย in many months, I’ll be able to sleep more, work out more, cook for myself regularly (instead of eating out so much), and explore the place I live more in depth (rather than merely by accident or by virtue of needing to move from place to place). Exploring a new place by choice is MUCH different than exploring a new place because you have to in order to find something you desperately need (which has been the case many times since moving here).

I still have to go in to the office over the summer. We have a “plus one” project that’s required for all teachers at the Language Centre, and I don’t know what project I’ve been chosen for yet, but from what I understand most teachers work a few hours a day or a few days a week. I can live with that. August plans include a trip to the U.S., and details are clearing up week by week. I just hope summer doesn’t go by too quickly…


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