What a small world

Last week (I know, I know… I’ve been busy, trust me!) Andy got a real surprise when he met with some of his professors and made a connection back home. It’s incidents like this that prove how connected we really are in this world.

So Andy’s having a meeting with a prof when the head of his department knocks on the door, inquiring about where Andy did his bachelor’s degree. Answer: University of Pittsburgh. That’s what he thought, and did Andy want to meet some people from Pitt on campus that day?


Yes, there were students and teachers from the University of Pittsburgh (a.k.a. Pitt) in China… in Suzhou… at XJTLU… and Andy got to meet with them!

I don’t even know what to say other than to point out that this information would be ordinary if we were still in Pennsylvania, or the U.S., or perhaps somewhere in the western hemisphere of the globe. But that Andy got to meet with visitors from his alma mater and show around a little here in China? Simply amazing.

We had no idea that Pitt had any connections with XJTLU. Evidently this is a restart of a previous program connecting the two universities.

Much more impressive than any connection to a sports team or Heinz or outsourced steel mill jobs, an educational bond exists between our hometown of Pittsburgh and our new home in China. Who knew!


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