Gearing up to run in China

By the time most of you read this, the race will be over. Tomorrow is the first race I’ve run in several months and the first race I’ve run in China.

It’s a 14k race–or 8.69 miles, which is billed as the “short” marathon here–which both Andy and I will run tomorrow. Actually it’s more likely that we will run/walk, run/walk the race since neither of us has run more than a few miles in the last few months because we’ve trained almost exclusively on treadmills at our gym. We don’t care about our finishing times. There aren’t chips for the 14k anyway. My main goal for this race? Finish.

Here’s the course map. The finish point for the 14k is near where we live in LiGongDi!

I want to finish this race for many reasons, but the one that looms over me is the possibility of my first DNF. (That’s “did not finish” for laypeople.) It hasn’t happened to me before because even in the throes of some pretty horrible races I’ve always finished. Even that one time I finished a 5k over 40 minutes because I thought I was going to pass out…

I am going into this race with very few expectations because 1) this is China and any expectations I have are based on races in the U.S., 2) the environmental conditions could completely ruin the race for everyone, and 3) there will be 30,000 people running who are corralled only by which distance they are running and not expected finish time… o_O

Anything is possible. Unfortunately this time “anything” needs to include the possibility of getting swept and getting a DNF because of conditions beyond my control. But if I finish? Well, that, my friends will be an automatic PR because I’ve never run a 14k race before! 😀


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