Things We Don’t Miss II

It’s time for another round of Things We Don’t Miss! 

Round II:

  • stupid exhaust on trucks – there are so many cars here that, if someone had the big diesel exhaust pipes like I used to see in western PA, they would probably make the AQI jump another point all on their own
  • stupid lifted trucks – in this case I’m glad most Chinese people are short because the tallest vehicles seem to be buses. Also, I think many are happy just to have a car and aren’t worried about excessive “modding” to lift or otherwise make their vehicle crazier than others. For this I am grateful. (So is Andy, considering how hard it is to be a pedestrian here sometimes!)
  • American politics – I don’t need to say anything else, do I? 
  • motorcycles – Suzhou Industrial Park actually doesn’t allow people to register motorcycles here, so the only ones you see (ahem, hear) are registered elsewhere. This helps with the noise pollution a little. Now only bus horns can damage my hearing. 
  • trying to find a parking space – I would rather walk from a bus stop than a parking space any day of the week. I don’t pay for the maintenance, fuel, insurance, or anything else. Just A to B every time. I’m not worried about how far away I’ve parked or trying to remember where I parked. I always know where the bus stop is and, if I don’t, I can easily find it or ask someone for directions. This is so much better than parking my own car! (Also: no one can hit a car that I don’t own or park… not that that’s happened before. Hah.)
  • scraping ice from car windows – this item submitted without comment because it’s 50F here and I don’t need/own/want a car! 😜 

2 thoughts on “Things We Don’t Miss II

  1. We didn’t have a car in Chicago for six years – it was so awesome! I miss mass transit so much. It’s amazing how much it costs to drive, and I’m so happy that you don’t have that expense! I can also relate to the freedom from politics. Other than voting and a couple of necessary classroom conversations, I’ve refused to engage anyone in that particular vein – a trend I plan to continue into the foreseeable future! Lots of love your way, from S, V, B, and Me!


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