Adjusting to the job

It’s challenging, but I enjoy teaching five days a week and having more than 40 students total every day. I’ve never taught so frequently or to so many students, so this is all new. But I was ready for this. I may have been born for it.

The toughest part of my day is now getting home–like the actual act of waiting for a bus and waiting to weave through traffic and various stops. I just wish I could zip through that part. But I love teaching. I love what I’m teaching. I love my students. Even when I missed home this week (and, oh, how I’ve missed my dog!), I focused on teaching and my reason for being here and felt better.

It’s tough not seeing people who I know well each day. I know that will change with time, but being the new person is overrated. I’m slowly meeting colleagues, which helps, but no one to eat lunch with or just visit randomly like at my last job. I miss that. I also miss the closeness of a small school where I could eat lunch with half the science department and learn so many things while having my daily bread.

But I’ve bonded a little with my office mate, who is Chinese. I’ll call her W here in the blog. She studied English in the U.K., so she’s got a surprisingly strong British accent. She’s kind and friendly, and I think we are warming up to each other.

Yesterday we attended a communities of practice event for teachers at our language center, and the gathering was facilitated with wine. (Yes, on campus. This was odd for me, considering where I went to school and worked recently!) But I met some other wonderful English teachers and we shared our struggles and triumphs. I really enjoyed that. I needed a little grounding in others as I find my way in my new position and new so much else.

So I’m feeling good. Strong. Solid in my teaching. Not so much about the university policies and such, but I feel like that will come as I get familiar with them. This is my second week teaching, after all, and my third week here. So I’ve got time. 🙂


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