We spent last night in our new place, which we worked to clean all week. It’s nice and we are out of the dirty, loud apartment from campus, but now we are facing new problems:

  • The internet we’ve paid for is worthless. We get 1megabit/second when we paid for 100megabits/second. And that’s without a VPN.
  • The mattress is hard even by Chinese standards. (This will be fixed by a mattress pad, we hope.)
  • The internet is faster on our phones via 4G than it is wired to a laptop. o_O
  • Our upstairs neighbors have three children who run basically nonstop. (They are also Korean so we can’t even speak to them. Not even “Ni hao.”)
  • The technicians showed us that Chinese websites load just fine with our internet, and don’t seem concerned that we can’t access English sites. 
  • The internet doesn’t work, meaning we can’t work, skype, or watch Netflix. 
  • Did I mention we can’t use the internet?

We knew connectivity might be a challenge here, but we never imagined that we would get less than ten percent of the speed we paid for. Or that literally no English websites would load. 

Andy is working to see what he can do now. He can’t get our router from home to work. It honestly worries me that he is so upset about it, though, because if he can’t fix it, I literally don’t know anyone who can. 
This was supposed to be how he kept his job from home. How we kept in touch. How we stayed sane. Its implications are frightening. This is more than just not being able to get on Facebook. This is basically being cut off from the rest of the world. 


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