My return to teaching

I’ve been here a week and already I’m in the thick of what I love best: getting to know and helping my students improve their English skills. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Since the semester began before I arrived, someone else covered my classes. My cover person, George, is Irish and quite a bit of fun. I observed him with my two groups on different days so I could meet the students, see the class dynamics, and check out where they were in the two texts we use. 

I began teaching all my classes on Tuesday of this week. I have two groups of 24 students who are all mathematics majors. I meet with them five days a week. The classes are either 50 or 100 minutes  (only Wednesdays are 50 minutes). Both groups are learning the same material. 

There are a number of “firsts” for me here: teaching five days a week (usually I had one or two days free for grading or prep), teaching a grand total of 48 students (typically my classes were under 20), teaching material someone else developed (in the past I was in command of what I taught and in what sequence), and teaching two sections of the same course. I’ve never done any of these things so already this experience is stretching me. 

So far the students are sweet. They’re all first year students, so they’re fresh-faced, confused, and eager to please. For now. I know that could change soon. But I’m making connections with them in hopes that we can trust each other to always do the best we can. At the end of my first class on my first day, one student came to me and said he is glad I’m here because I’m the kind of teacher he needs. I was honored, and I hope he means that he needs someone who will set high expectations and then help him reach them because that’s just the kind of teacher I am. 


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