Halfway gone

This past Tuesday A. flew to Shanghai. Boy, was it tough to watch him go. I worried for him even though we prepared together the best we could. I suppose that’s what happens when you love someone.

I was up half the night checking his flight status, even though I know a 14 hour flight is just as long on the ground as it is (and feels) when you’re in the air… Regardless, I was thrilled to know he landed safely.

A. is settling in on campus now, finding things like a cell phone plan with 24GB of data for less than $7 USD (!!!) and “American breakfast” on a menu at a cafe on campus.

We’ve done FaceTime a few times and have texted to stay in touch. He is, of course, sending me funny pictures of things he finds. It’ll be so good to join him in a few days.

Overall, he is jet lagged, but sounds less stressed than he’s been in weeks. I think that’s what happens when you finally get to do the thing you’ve planned to do. 🙂

Husband found “#American breakfast” at a cafe on campus in #China. 🍳 #xjtlu #expatlife 🇨🇳

A photo posted by Karissa K (@grammarissa) on Sep 16, 2016 at 10:43am PDT




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