Progress of a different kind

Things are *finally* beginning to fall into place! FINALLY.

My paperwork from the university is in the mail and should arrive by Friday. At this point, I get to pay way too much money to have the visa expedited. I should have my visa by the end of next week and be able to book tickets. (Woohoo!)

We had to break from our original plan of action, though: A. has airline tickets for next week. He will have to go without me so he can start the semester on time. (If he didn’t, we’d be in a weird place with his student visa, and no one wants that kind of paperwork nonsense anymore… especially not me!)

So we will book our one-way tickets individually and fly separately. It’s a bummer, since we were really looking forward to this part of the journey together. At the same time, though, I don’t mind because I just want to get going.

Waiting for papers and mail and email has made for a harrowing summer. Disappointment, fear, and sadness have all weighed down the excitement and joy.

Until now. Now we can allow ourselves to get excited again. Now we can truly put plans into action. Now we can talk and act like this is really happening. We are moving next week.


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