I am still here.

Yes, I’m writing from the United States.

Yep. Still here. Sigh.

The paperwork problems have not abated. I’m now waiting for another mailing from China, at which point I’ll actually be able to get my visa processed and buy airline tickets.

My husband A and I keep wondering why we’re still here, why we haven’t been able to leave yet, why circumstances are conspiring to keep us here. There are a variety of things going on that could be the Universe’s way of telling us we need to stay put for the moment–funeral of a dear friend, opportunities to help family and friends, car stuff, etc.–but none of them so earth-shattering that we would return ourselves from China to handle them. We would have muddled through.

But, here we are, so we are doing what we are able to do and trying to live in the moment. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to have no idea when we will leave, where we will live, etc. (worries spiral out of control for me sometimes, following this very path). There just isn’t anything either of us can do to expedite the process. So we wait.

Most problematic is that the school semester has already started. A is enrolled in classes and I’m supposed to be teaching. Since we aren’t there, though, we can’t. The plot thickens when we consider that A has a student visa and would have to get a dependent visa if he were to postpone beginning his master’s program if we can’t get there soon. (Which is entirely possible at this late stage.) On top of that, what will I do when I arrive if classes have already started? (?!?!?)

One day soon we will progress rapidly and *tada!* appear in China. That day is not today. Or tomorrow. Or Friday. It is “To Be Determined,” and not determined by me. Obviously.


4 thoughts on “I am still here.

  1. Karissa, I am so sorry to hear that. I had no idea!! Hang in there. Hopefully you will receive something soon. What is the university telling you in China?


  2. This is great. I will love reading about your China adventure Karissa, grammar superhero expat. I hope that the story begins very soon!


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