Paperwork purgatory

Here I am, just weeks away from the start of the school year, and I’m still stuck in paperwork purgatory.

I mail things and wait for a reply. I mail things, watch tracking numbers, and wait for action. I wait for information. I wait for instructions. I wait for processes to process. I wait for everyone else to do their jobs so I can, maybe, just maybe, someday in the near future, do mine.

All I do is wait. I’m trying to keep myself occupied, to stay positive, and to enjoy the time I have left here in the states. But couple that with an unknown departure date, living out of a suitcase, no paycheck, and uncertainty and it’s much more difficult to endure.

I feel so defeated today. More mailing mishaps preventing me from getting what I need. I’m exasperated. I can literally do nothing but wait. I’m typically one of the most patient people you’ll meet, but right now my patience is wearing thin.

Now accepting prayers, well wishes, and incantations.